Fitness Resolutions And Where A Massage Fits In

I’m a part of a lot of organizations and over the holidays I heard a lot fitness resolutions. At church, in my BNI group and with family. People talking about losing weight and starting a fitness routine. All of it is great – especially if they stick with it.

What I also know about these resolutions is that it is going to generate sore muscles and major changes in your body. There is where a massage on a regular basis can help you with your New Year resolution. A massage, even every two weeks can help relieve tension and muscle aches, which will help you perform better back in the gym. I also suggest letting me work on your belly or mid-section. I know people are a little hesitant, but when I work on the abdomen and stomach I can help aid digestion, which is crucial when you are making a major change in your diet.

In short, let me help you KEEP your New Year’s resolution to get fit and/or lose weight by scheduling a routine massage that will help your body recover from the stress your putting on it.

Happy New Year!