Swedish Massage

Swedish or “classic” massage is a relaxing and therapeutic combination of techniques meant to reduce pain and stress. The basic components of Swedish massage include sliding, kneading, gliding, rhythmic tapping, and other movements meant to soothe aching muscles and increase well-being.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to classic (Swedish) massage styles except that much greater pressure is applied to problem areas and to the deep layers of muscles, tissue, tendons, and fascia that may cause chronic problems.


On-Site Chair Massage for Business

Let BWM bring chair massage to your business. Chair massage can be an excellent benefit for both employees and your customers. A rejuvenating 10 to 15 minute chair massage can boost office morale, focus, and overall well-being. A minimum on-site session of three hours is required to schedule chair massage at your location. Chair massage is the perfect idea for your next office party or employee appreciation event.



Neuromuscular therapy (or NMT) is recognized as a successful treatment for lower back pain and muscle strain throughout the body. Sometimes referred to as ‘trigger point myotherapy’, NMT consists of applying firm consistent pressure on areas of the body affected by muscle spasm.


Prenatal Massage

Ask any mother about the hardest parts of pregnancy and you’re likely to hear about the chronic aching back that can last even well after a baby is born. Pregnancy puts a great deal of pressure on the back, neck and shoulders, and abdominal muscles due to weight gain and changes to posture. Prenatal massage is a gentle and natural way to treat the discomfort experienced by expectant moms.


Sports Massage and Stretching

We offer massage therapy and stretching sessions designed to help athletes with specific areas of pain and discomfort. These sessions are perfect for runners, cyclists, golfers, weight lifters, and any athlete who needs to incorporate more stretching into their training and recovery program.