Stella Pena


Stella graduated from Virginia College in 2011 with an Associates degree in Therapeutic Massage. She is Alabama licensed and certified in Clinical Massage for pain relief. She is able to customize each session to every individuals unique needs and is a true believer in using massage as a way to calm the mind as well the body.

Justin Weirich


When his youngest son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Justin Weinrich started researching at-home therapies to help him. This led him to discovering massage therapy and its benefits, becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2017. “I have developed a style of massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic,” he explains. “It’s important for you to relax enough so that we are able to get the work you need done.” 


Justin has also received training in fire cupping, an Eastern modality that gives you the result of a deep tissues massage without the pressure. He also gives a TMJ massage for those who can’t fully open their mouths. “I’ve had clients who haven’t been able to turn their necks for months to years and in one session find they can move it again,” he says. “Seeing clients with chronic issues get better is so fulfilling.”


The South Texas native spends his free time with his children and enjoys checking out new local eateries and breweries with his wife.


Ally Mann


Ally Mann enjoys working with her hands—from drawing and painting to arts and crafts, she loves creating. She also uses her hands to heal as a massage therapist. As an athlete, Ally understands the benefits of massage and how it can overall impact the body. “Massage combines perfectly with my desire to work with athletes,” she says. “I love to make my clients feel better and to know that I did it using my hands.”


Because she has experience recovering from injuries herself, Ally knows firsthand how important massage can be for the recovery process. “I was in a car accident in 2015 and massage helped my injuries and allows me to be able to exercise,” she says. “I’ve witnessed what it has done for others as well as myself.”


Ally specializes in Classic Relaxation, Mellow Mama, Active Recovery, Knot So Painful Anymore and Hurts So Good massages and has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2014. She is a graduate of Heritage College in Columbus, Ohio, and has lived in Alabama since 2018.

Leanna Juliano


It’s often in the journey that we find our way back home. Such was the case for Leanna Juliano,  a Birmingham native who travelled the country selling art, traveling and enjoying nature. Once home, she knew it was time to use her love of anatomy, her drive to help people and her firsthand knowledge of using CBD. “From the moment I entered the Birmingham School of Massage I knew it was my passion,” Leanna explains. “I particularly like helping people recover from surgery or illness.”


Every job Leanna has been related to the hospitality industry in one form or another. “Creating an experience for someone, whether it’s a good meal or a massage, is a form of healing,” she says. “It’s astonishes me every time how releasing a muscle can facilitate the body to heal itself.”


Brittany Blanks - Jefferson


Birmingham native Brittany Hamilton has a goal of running a marathon in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, already completing 22 of them. Knowing the kind of stress she puts on her body, massage has been an important part of her recovery after a run. “No two races are the same,” she explains. “Because of all the training I do, I try to get a massage once a week to maintain my own personal wellness.”


For the past 13 years, Brittany has enjoyed providing all modalities of massage, but has additional training in lymphatic massage and is certified in Reflexology. “Many of my clients are post-surgical so they are sore and in pain,” she says. “Once they get on the table, they see instant relief and it makes a difference in their overall recovery.”


Brittany earned her B.S. degree in Kinesiology from UAB in 2014.


Brice Jackson


Brice Jackson has always been the guy that could “fix” someone. Whether it was on a sports team or with friends, Brice could put a finger right on the spot that hurt and help relieve someone’s pain. Like many, Brice detoured and became an elementary school teacher before he found his way to massage therapy training. “I decided it was time to get a master’s in education or follow my heart and go to massage therapy school,” he explains. “After I became a licensed massage therapist, I continued to teach for several more years and practiced massage on the side.”


In 2015, Brice left education and founded Birmingham Wellness Massage with the goal of helping as many people as possible move away from the usual pain cycle and toward a new cycle of rest, renewal and resilience. “The most important thing is to make massage a crucial part of your routine wellness,” he says. “When you integrate it into your life, your massage therapist can help ward off things that might become big issues if not addressed.”


Brice specializes in growing his team of therapists to achieve his greatest mission—to bring reset, renewal and resilience to as many people as possible.


John Hamm


As a musician, John Hamm knows how the strings of a guitar should feel between his fingers. That level of sensitivity in his hands translates to his work as a massage therapist. “Playing music requires empathy and understanding, which I definitely experience when I am giving a massage as well,” he explains. “I can feel someone’s tension beneath my hands and tell how they are feeling.”


More than anything, John enjoys helping people experience relief from chronic pain and an improvement in their quality of life. Since graduating from the Birmingham School of Massage and receiving his license in 2016, John has used his skills to explain to his clients how massage can benefit their daily lives. “I take a scientific approach to what is going on in the muscle and tissue and how massage can help break up those knots,” he says. “While I am capable of accommodating any type of pressure from light to very heavy, my skills as a massage therapist shine the most through my deep tissue work.”

Sha' Doss


When Sha’ Doss talks about being a massage therapist, the excitement in her voice bubbles over. After a series of unfulfilling warehouse jobs, Sha’ knew it was time to return to school. A quick assessment sent her on a career path of therapeutic massage. “I knew I loved animals and I loved people, so massage seemed like the perfect fit,” she explains. “Since I received my license in 2012, I have continued to expand my knowledge on what I love to do.”

Known professionally as Doss, Sha’ enjoys deep tissue massage the most. “There’s nothing like getting down into those muscles and relieving that deep pain,” she says. “No one likes to hurt, so I start out with moderate pressure until the muscles begin to relax then I get into that  deep tissue.” Sha’ also loves watching someone’s tension leaving their body. “That alone is a stress reliever for me,” she says. “Helping someone have a better day or sleeping at night is the part that is the most rewarding.”

In her spare time,  Sha’ enjoys her bengal cat, Tabitha, being outside, exercising and being with family. 

Giules Colpo


Giules Colpo found her life’s passion during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. After feeling stuck in what she was doing, Giules enrolled at Birmingham School of Massage, graduating in February 2021. “I’ve always been into naturopathic medicine, herbs and essential oils, so massage is a natural extension of that interest,” she explains. “I love working with people and seeing their joy when they get off the table feeling renewed.”


When she’s not working, you can find Giules in the gym or enjoying the outdoors, either hiking, camping or swimming. She has also been a youth competition soccer referee for the past five years, working all over the U.S. and with local clubs and high schools. “I love interacting with the players and seeing the raw emotions that everyone feels during competition,” she says.


Reiko Clemon


Reiko Clemon credits her mom for helping her find massage therapy. “Before I started school, my mom always said I had good hands because I would help her with her feet,” she says. “She took me to the Birmingham School of Massage and introduced me to massage and its benefits. I haven’t looked back!”


Since 2013, Reiko has enjoyed helping people as a licensed massage therapist and getting to know them better. “I really enjoy first-timers who are open to massage therapy and wish they had been doing it longer,” she says. “Many people don’t have a good self-care routine—we tend to be so busy that we put everything to the back burner.” Reiko reminds her clients that you can’t drink from an empty glass, so it’s important to take care of yourself.


Reiko especially enjoys working with expectant mothers and deep tissue work. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her friends and laughing.

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C. J. Wade


C.J. Wade has been literally dancing through life since she was a child—and it was this love for the arts that set her in motion to eventually become a licensed massage therapist. “I noticed that on stage artists were exceptional, but backstage they would be in a lot of pain, taping up ankles and wrapping wrists,” she says. “It touched my heart and I knew that I some point I would do something to help them.”


C.J. received an undergraduate degree in communication management and a master’s degree in social science education from UAB. She has been licensed since September 2018 and spends her free time choreographing various projects. “I love how massage can help people be a better version of themselves,” C.J. explains. “They have less stress, function better and have some time for themselves.”


Using her dance background, C.J. focuses on stretching and deep breathing with all her clients. “As a dancer, I am very aware of my body and how it moves,”she says. “I pay attention to my clients as well and enjoy watching them change over time.”

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Birmingham Wellness Massage strives to provide the best service possible. We are also responsible for our therapists' service and time as massage therapist professionals. 

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No Show Policy

A person who books a massage and does not show up for the massage will be charged the full price if there has been no communication of a cancellation. Our therapists will wait 15 minutes after the massage start time before considering the client a “No Show”.