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Open daily from 8:00a.m. to 7:00p.m

(205) 728-1893


Freedom Building                                       

1933 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. S. #100      Birmingham, AL 35209


Jessica Peterson

LMT# 4579

Jessica Peterson has always enjoyed art, but her canvas came in the form of wedding cakes.

As a pastry artist for a dozen years, she expressed her creativity through icing. In the

background was the desire to do something medically related, so when she found massage

therapy, she finally knew she had found her purpose.


“I love what I do,” Jessica explains. “I enjoy helping people in chronic pain regain some

semblance of normal life.” A graduate of Birmingham School of Massage, she has been a

licensed massage therapist for five years.


In her spare time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband James and their daughters,

Ariel and Emory, playing video games, camping and participating in small groups at Church of

the Highlands.


Sha’ Doss

LMT# 4000

When Sha’ Doss talks about being a massage therapist, the excitement in her voice bubbles over. After a series of unfulfilling warehouse jobs, Sha’ knew it was time to return to school. A quick assessment sent her on a career path of therapeutic massage. “I knew I loved animals and I loved people, so massage seemed like the perfect fit,” she explains. “Since I received my license in 2012, I have continued to expand my knowledge on what I love to do.”


Known professionally as Doss, Sha’ enjoys deep tissue massage the most. “There’s nothing like getting down into those muscles and relieving that deep pain,” she says. “No one likes to hurt, so I start out with moderate pressure until the muscles begin to relax then I get into that  deep tissue.” Sha’ also loves watching someone’s tension leaving their body. “That alone is a stress reliever for me,” she says. “Helping someone have a better day or sleeping at night is the part that is the most rewarding.”


In her spare time,  Sha’ enjoys her bengal cat, Tabitha, being outside, exercising and being with family.


Kate Davis 

LMT# 1323

Kate graduated from Red Mountain Institute in 2000.


She has worked as an LMT at a chiropractic office and other masage establishments, and as a massage therapist instructor at Virginia College for 10 years! She’s passionate about creating a relaxation and therapy blended approach to each massage session.


Outside of the massage office, she enjoys hiking and cooking with her loved ones.


Robbie Jackson

LMT# 4395

As a professional musician and teacher for more than 25 years, Robbie Jackson understands the importance of her fingers. Becoming a massage therapist gave her the ability to use her hands in a different, yet similar, way. “My goal is to provide every massage client with techniques that will specifically address each on’s needs,” she explains. “There is definitely a correlation between music and massage for me.”


Robbie has a bachelor’s degree in communications and music from UAB, graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute in Decatur, Ala., and is currently working on a Sports Massage Certification. Robbie uses many modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, Hot stone, Neuromuscular and Lymphatic Drainage.


In her spare time, Robbie enjoys fishing and playing the piano.

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C. J. Wade

LMT# 5140

C. J. Wade graduated from Virginia College. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Sports, and Prenatal massage modalities. Using her dance experience, she also customizes stretching techniques to help her clients. C.J. believes that time for oneself is not a luxury; it is a necessity.


Marlon Ford

LMT# 5744

After he lost his previous employment during the pandemic, Marlon Ford took advantage of the opportunity he had and returned to school. “I’d been a massage enthusiast on the receiving side and completely believe in the power of touch communication,” he explains. “I have extensive experience in Healthcare Management, including physical therapy acute care, home health orthopedics and acute care rehab hospitals, so this was a natural fit for me.”


Because it was too late to begin the term at a Birmingham massage school, Marlon enrolled at USCI in Fort Collins, Colo. “I was able to do a lot online with local mentors and then finished up my clinical training in Colorado,” he says. “I spent six weeks there completing my final 200 hours of hands-on training under four very different instructors.” Although he still lives in his hometown of Barney, Ala., Marlon now practices in the Homewood office several days a week.


In his spare time, Marlon enjoys his family, especially his son and grandson, the outdoors and spending time on the water.


Aqua Fletcher

LMT# 5130

Aqua is a Birmingham Native and graduate of Virginia College in Massage Therapy!

Her favorite type of massage is a blend of deep tissue and relaxation massage. "I want the client to get the most out of it...results! What was bringing discomfort feels much much better."

Her "me" time is spent with family or on her own curling up to a murder mystery novel.


Austin Gibbs

LMT #5639

I graduated from Birmingham School Of Massage in 2020. Since then I have been enjoying working with more and more clients with chronic issues. My favorite experiences in massage are wrapped up in helping clients experience relief from chronic pain.


I enjoy doing all types of massage, but my favorite would include a neuromuscular approach to people that have extreme tightness in a particular area or range of motion issues that I can help them with along with a thorough full body massage.


Outside the office, I enjoy hiking (really anything outdoors) as well as playing video games, and work on my digital art projects.


Anne Lofton Kendrick 

LMT# 4136

After graduating from Furman University with a degree in Spanish and a passion for languages, Anne Lofton Kendrick found herself at a crossroads. “I love languages and being able to make connections with people,” she explains. “But teaching wasn’t for me.”


Her Spanish fluency came with a lot of volunteer opportunities, but nothing that was considered a career. Then Anne Lofton remembered how she enjoyed massage and looked into the program at Birmingham School of Massage. “I fell in love with the practice and am still so passionate about it,” she says. “I love the hands-on nature of massage and seeing how much better people feel after their time with me. It’s wonderful to have a job where people are happy to see you and even happier after.”


A Mountain Brook native, Anne Lofton is a voracious reader, loves yoga and enjoys spending time with her two cats. 

Ian Hull.jpg

Ian Hull

LMT# 5719

Ian Hull is a big fan of symmetry and paying close attention to detail. Whether it’s as a sushi chef where he creates and plates beautiful food or as a fire spinner, his favorite pastime, Ian loves to present things as perfection. “From the moment I saw someone spinning fire with poi—Kevlar balls on Kevlar rope that are dipped in kerosene and set on fire—I knew I wanted to learn how to do that,” Ian explains. “It’s artistic and exemplifies symmetry and perfection.”


Since graduating from the Birmingham School of Massage, Ian is thrilled to be working with his clients to help them feel better. “I have always been good with my hands and can feel how to make someone’s pain decrease,” he says. “Massage therapy is a way for me to help people—I get as much out of it as my clients.”


Brittany Arrington

LMT# 5048

Brittany graduated from Virginia Collage in 2018 in massage therapy.  


Her favorite 2 things about being a massage therapist are connecting routinely with consistant wellness clients and helping folks with chronic pain experience relief.  "These two things brighten my day the most!


“With each client I am always trying to find that ballence between a clinical massage approach and a relaxation massage; so that a massage session is therapeautic and comfortable as much as possible.


Outside of my massage work, I enjoy spending time ourdoors with my kids.  Paintball, hiking trails, really anything outside.”


Jonathon Kirkland

LMT# 5943

Jonathon graduated from Birmingham School of Massage.


When asked what types of massages he enjoys, he explains, “I enjoy Swedish massage that helps folks therapeutically relax. Absolutely. My favorite type of massage involves more neuromuscular trigger point work sensing more intuitively where pain is triggering from.”


When Jonathon is not working as an LMT at Birmingham Wellness, you might find him teaching yoga or coaching energy work at other wellness offices in Birmingham.


Brittany Hamilton

LMT# 2658

Brittany graduated in 2008 from Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health, in Marietta, Ga…now a part of Gwinnett College. 


She is certified to instruct & has certifications in  Assisted Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage , TMJ Dysfunction treatment.


She has a passion to use healing touch with the intent to assist in the improvement of one’s overall wellbeing and their ability to perform physical tasks.


In my free time she gets massages and other self-care services. She enjoys spending time with my grandparents, as well as fishing, traveling & marathon training. 


Jevashia Williams


Jevashia graduated from Birmingham School of Massage.


She enjoys most being able to help folks feel better by the end of their massage. She loves the blend of incorporating both Swedish & deep tissue massage; using deeeper work on problem areas, but being thorough throughout!


When she’s got free time, she loves being near water! She loves the beach, the lake, and rivers. She’s excited near water to hike  or just rest and relax.

Rodricquez Williams.png

Rodricquez Williams, LMT

LMT #4984 

Rodricquez graduated from a School of Massage in Clarksville, Tennessee in 2016. Since then he has worked on a wide array of clientele.

"People who need to heal seem drawn to work with me. I've worked with many folks battling back, neck, and shoulder pain from traumatic events. Really anyone needing help.

My favorite type of massage is a good blend of Swedish and deep tissue. And my favorite moment during a massage is when I experience someone's attitude change. See relief happen. Pain dissipate. Stress become calm. Restfulness.

Outside of work, I enjoy working out and practicing jujitsu. I also stream a lot of Korean and British shows."

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