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Home Massage In Birmingham, AL

Home Massage Overview

Some people may prefer to have a massage in the privacy of their own home or appreciate the convenience of not having to fight traffic. Each one of our massage options (excluding the Cleansing Lymphatic Drainage Massage) is available for in-home service. Just pick one of the massage options above and we will bring this massage to you! Pricing is based on the length of the massage and travel time for the therapists. There are monthly memberships as well. Our goal is to provide the therapy you need in the comfort of your home. Give us a call today to find out more!

Home Massage is convenient…

- Forget about driving or commuting.

- You’ll feel more confident and in control!

- It fits your crazy busy schedule

- In-Home Massage Therapy addresses special needs and occasions

A Convenient Alternative For Massage Therapy
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