Deep tissue massage is a process in which manipulation of the deep layer tissue in the body is involved. It also includes fascia that stabilizes and attaches the muscles. This massage technique is usually more firm and slower as compared to the other massage techniques like Swedish massage or Acupressure. This massage is beneficial because it focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, which releases chronic muscle tension.

During the process, the client lays on their stomach or back in one position. Here deep pressure is applied to the specific part of the body by a well trained massage therapist. It stimulates the flow of the blood and at the same time it also lowered the psychological stress.

Normally, it focuses on the major parts of the body as neck and it can help with large and small muscle injuries. It targets deep muscles, tendons and as well as more protective and connective tissues like fascia. Undergoing this process, it helps break down the surface on the body due to inflammation or injury and restore the proper functions of the body.

Some of the experts nowadays believe that ancient Egyptians were the first one to use this massage technique which applies deep pressure on the specific part of body to release chronic pain.


This massage works by clearing out most of the irrelevant buildups of txins and waste product in the body, which are called “Knots”, the bands of tense tissue under the skin which can limits the mobility and cause pain. This massage helps to get relief of these tensions.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Research has shown that the deep tissue massage have many positive effects on diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure measurements in adults which includes pain and high blood pressure symptoms. This massage improves the flow of the blood by rubbing deep muscles and relieving pressures has been shown to improve the flow of the blood. This massage therapy helps ease stress and tension, which can have a positive and beneficial effect on blood pressure. Within a single 45 to 60 minutes deep tissue massage therapy, the blood pressure of the person fell.

2. Reduces Arthritis Symptoms

Massage can reduce many type of arthritis symptoms such as chronic joint pain, anxiety, stiffness and limited range of motion in joints. It is also helpful for sleep issues. Firmer massage is comparatively better than lighter massage for arthritis pain. Lighter massage can be not relaxing at times because it increases the heart rate but with firmer massage heart rate usually goes down.

3. Improves Performance and Athletic Recovery

Sport massage is considered to be the best deep massage techniques for the physical fitness of athletes. Sport massage is usually performed just before the athletic events to warm up the body of athlete. It is also performed after the events to improve recovery speed of injuries. Athletes, athletic trainer, coaches and sports physiologist are showing great interest in sport massage and its benefits. Deep tissue massage can improve injury prevention, muscle fatigue and delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Deep tissue massage also has many positive psychological effects. It improves focus and confidence. These are just some of benefits of deep tissue massage, there are lots of researches going on, exploring additional physical and psychological benefits of deep tissue massage.  

4. Heals Scar Tissue

Deep tissue massage is often used right after any kind of physical injury. It breaks up newly formed scar tissues which cause stiffness, making recovery more difficult. This massage decreases the inflammation and muscle spasms by regulating blood flow which loosens up muscles. It also reduces the automatic stress response of nervous system. Inflammation prevents proper blood flow in body and stops it from reaching damaged tissue. This can cause toxins to accumulate around the damaged tissue. This increases swelling and pain in wound. Deep tissue massage regulates blood flow and reduces pain and swelling of the wound.

5. Can help with Delivery and Labor Pain

Many pregnant women are now turning towards natural birthing processes which require less medication. Deep tissue massage therapy can help ease the labor pain.

Massage therapy is useful during pregnancy because of its anxiety-lowering effects. Women who receive massage before and during labor, experience decreased depression and lower back pain. Research has shown that the women who had deep tissue massage before and during labor, their labors were averagely about three hours shorter and required less effort.

6. Reduces Stress and Muscle Tension

Chronic stress and muscle tension cause inflammation and affect the overall health of a person. This also increases recovery time affects immune function and creates cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure.

Deep tissue massage helps lower cortisol levels and produces hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which relaxes the body. This reduces stress and muscle tension.

Oxytocin is the primary hormone which is responsible for healthy social bonds in humans. Deep tissue massage produces huge amount of oxytocin in the body which have soothing effects on the body.  

7. Treats Chronic Back Pain

Therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage both can be used for treating chronic back pain. But researches have shown that deep tissue massage works faster and better than simple therapeutic massage. Deep tissue massage showed significantly better results in just ten days as compared with a whole month of simple massage. Deep tissue massage for about thirty minutes for ten days is sufficient for treating chronic back pain.

Final Thoughts

In the end, deep tissue massage therapy includes practice that uses different movements and pressure to release deep layers of tissue which includes tendons and fascia. It can be performed in 30, 60 or 90 minutes or longer. At the end of the treatment, stretching and corrective exercises are often given to achieve better muscle balance.

For deep tissue massage first you have to contact with a professional and well trained massage therapist. Many of therapists have specialized training in different therapy techniques. They treat people with injuries, tears, inflammation and some limitations.  Deep tissue massage gives many benefits to heal up the specific part of the body.

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