A Deep Tissue Massage Delivers Amazing Benefit


A Deep Tissue Massage Delivers Amazing Benefit

Regain Your Lost Mobility

After getting a massage many people are surprised at how mobile they are. They don’t even realize the loss in range of motion and mobility because it happens so slowly over a long period of time. In their mind it is just a symptom of getting older and they don’t realize it can actually be reversed. Once they have a deep tissue massage, they suddenly find they are much more mobile and able to move their body in ways they haven’t been able to in ages. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to do the simple tasks you have to get done, even how easy it is to get out of bed will surprise you.






Deep tissue massage is a process in which manipulation of the deep layer tissue in the body is involved. It also includes fascia that stabilizes and attaches the muscles. This massage technique is usually more firm and slower as compared to the other massage techniques like Swedish massage or Acupressure. This massage is beneficial because it focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, which releases chronic muscle tension.

During the process, the client lays on their stomach or back in one position. Here deep pressure is applied to the specific part of the body by a well trained massage therapist. It stimulates the flow of the blood and at the same time it also lowered the psychological stress.

Normally, it focuses on the major parts of the body as neck and it can help with large and small muscle injuries. It targets deep muscles, tendons and as well as more protective and connective tissues like fascia. Undergoing this process, it helps break down the surface on the body due to inflammation or injury and restore the proper functions of the body.

Some of the experts nowadays believe that ancient Egyptians were the first one to use this massage technique which applies deep pressure on the specific part of body to release chronic pain.


This massage works by clearing out most of the irrelevant buildups of txins and waste product in the body, which are called “Knots”, the bands of tense tissue under the skin which can limits the mobility and cause pain. This massage helps to get relief of these tensions.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Research has shown that the deep tissue massage have many positive effects on diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure measurements in adults which includes pain and high blood pressure symptoms. This massage improves the flow of the blood by rubbing deep muscles and relieving pressures has been shown to improve the flow of the blood. This massage therapy helps ease stress and tension, which can have a positive and beneficial effect on blood pressure. Within a single 45 to 60 minutes deep tissue massage therapy, the blood pressure of the person fell.

2. Reduces Arthritis Symptoms

Massage can reduce many type of arthritis symptoms such as chronic joint pain, anxiety, stiffness and limited range of motion in joints. It is also helpful for sleep issues. Firmer massage is comparatively better than lighter massage for arthritis pain. Lighter massage can be not relaxing at times because it increases the heart rate but with firmer massage heart rate usually goes down.

3. Improves Performance and Athletic Recovery

Sport massage is considered to be the best deep massage techniques for the physical fitness of athletes. Sport massage is usually performed just before the athletic events to warm up the body of athlete. It is also performed after the events to improve recovery speed of injuries. Athletes, athletic trainer, coaches and sports physiologist are showing great interest in sport massage and its benefits. Deep tissue massage can improve injury prevention, muscle fatigue and delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Deep tissue massage also has many positive psychological effects. It improves focus and confidence. These are just some of benefits of deep tissue massage, there are lots of researches going on, exploring additional physical and psychological benefits of deep tissue massage.  

4. Heals Scar Tissue

Deep tissue massage is often used right after any kind of physical injury. It breaks up newly formed scar tissues which cause stiffness, making recovery more difficult. This massage decreases the inflammation and muscle spasms by regulating blood flow which loosens up muscles. It also reduces the automatic stress response of nervous system. Inflammation prevents proper blood flow in body and stops it from reaching damaged tissue. This can cause toxins to accumulate around the damaged tissue. This increases swelling and pain in wound. Deep tissue massage regulates blood flow and reduces pain and swelling of the wound.

5. Can help with Delivery and Labor Pain

Many pregnant women are now turning towards natural birthing processes which require less medication. Deep tissue massage therapy can help ease the labor pain.

Massage therapy is useful during pregnancy because of its anxiety-lowering effects. Women who receive massage before and during labor, experience decreased depression and lower back pain. Research has shown that the women who had deep tissue massage before and during labor, their labors were averagely about three hours shorter and required less effort.

6. Reduces Stress and Muscle Tension

Chronic stress and muscle tension cause inflammation and affect the overall health of a person. This also increases recovery time affects immune function and creates cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure.

Deep tissue massage helps lower cortisol levels and produces hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which relaxes the body. This reduces stress and muscle tension.

Oxytocin is the primary hormone which is responsible for healthy social bonds in humans. Deep tissue massage produces huge amount of oxytocin in the body which have soothing effects on the body.  

7. Treats Chronic Back Pain

Therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage both can be used for treating chronic back pain. But researches have shown that deep tissue massage works faster and better than simple therapeutic massage. Deep tissue massage showed significantly better results in just ten days as compared with a whole month of simple massage. Deep tissue massage for about thirty minutes for ten days is sufficient for treating chronic back pain.

Final Thoughts

In the end, deep tissue massage therapy includes practice that uses different movements and pressure to release deep layers of tissue which includes tendons and fascia. It can be performed in 30, 60 or 90 minutes or longer. At the end of the treatment, stretching and corrective exercises are often given to achieve better muscle balance.

For deep tissue massage first you have to contact with a professional and well trained massage therapist. Many of therapists have specialized training in different therapy techniques. They treat people with injuries, tears, inflammation and some limitations.  Deep tissue massage gives many benefits to heal up the specific part of the body.


How a long term massage plan can help you live a better life?


How a long term massage plan can help you live a better life?

9 Ways Long-Term Massage Plan Can Help You Live a Better Life?

For thousands of years, people have believed Massage therapy to be a great way of feeling relaxed and releasing stress as well as muscle tension. A proper massage can help you unwind and reboot but that’s not the only thing that it does. Latest researches show that massage on regular bases has impressive long-term health benefits as well.

Massage is a great way of getting rid of some of the very common health problems like Muscle Tension, Chronic Stress, Lower Back Pain and even some serious conditions such as Sleep Deprivation and symptoms of Fibromyalgia. For long-lasting health benefits, it is better to have a long-term massage plan. Long-term massage has been proven to have more physical and mental advantages than intermittent massage sessions.

The profoundness of therapeutic massage cannot be stressed enough. It is something that you should unquestionably add to your monthly bucket list. The following are some of the benefits that you get with long-term massage treatment.

1. Anxiety and Stress Relief

Anxiety and stress are one of the primary causes for unhappiness. When you are in stress,
cortisol levels of your body increase dramatically. Cortisol is a stress hormone which
contributes to different health problems such as weight gain, sleeplessness, headaches etc. Long-term massage therapy substantially reduces stress levels and improves energy levels of your body. It greatly reduces muscle pain and improves physical, mental as well as emotional states of an individual.

2. Improves Blood Flow and Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation drastically undermines ones physical health. Constant engagement in work throughout the day no matter if it is physical or mental, is the main cause of irregular blood flow in the body. Since the work is essential for providing for your family, you need to set up a proper plan for problems that irregular blood circulation can cause. There is no other soothing treatment which improves blood circulation better than a proper massage.

3. Lower Back Pain Relief

The number of people suffering from lower back pain is increasing every day. Researches show that every 1 in 3 people suffers from lower back pain. Sitting all day at your desk is the primary cause of lower back pain. Sometimes the lower back pain is caused by working out in the gym. Repetitive movements greatly undermine the strength of muscles and promote muscle tension. A long-term massage plan is the ideal solution for you if you want to keep following your office and workout routine effectively.

4. Useful For Chronic Muscle Pain

Chronic pain in individuals is becoming a norm. Any kind of physical pain which lasts more
than about 6 months is considered to be chronic pain. Chronic pain causes fatigue, stress,
muscle tension and promotes emotions of annoyance and impatience. On top of that, daily
activities also enhance the effects of chronic pain and because of that even minor daily
tasks can cause exhaustion in the body.
If you are suffering from any kind of chronic pain than a long-term therapeutic massage is
probably your best choice.

5. It Helps Improve Posture

Poor posture can cause back, neck and muscle pain. Good Posture is extremely important as far as everyday dealings are concerned. It is also equally important for avoiding muscle
tension. There is an effective posture for sitting and standing to avoid muscular pain but
unfortunately, people are not taught about these things nowadays. Incorrect posture
drastically reduces muscle flexibility.

Long-term massage with proper planning can help your body muscles get back in proper
alignment. When your muscles are free from unnecessary tension and stress, they loosen
up and start going back to their naturally ideal position.

6. Controls and Manages Blood Pressure

Massage therapy reduces systolic as well as diastolic blood pressures. High blood pressure levels cause stress, tension and sometimes have grave consequences. Low blood pressure levels contribute to life-threatening situations such as heart attack, kidney failures etc. Long-term massage regulates blood pressure levels of the body. Massage therapy is strongly recommended for people with irregular blood pressure levels considering how dangerous the consequences can be.

7. Helpful for people with symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain in the entire body. It is one of the primary reasons
contributing to chronic pain. Its symptoms include mood swings accompanied by sleep
issues. In more serious cases, the patient may suffer from constant fatigue and flu-like

People are not familiar with this term but when you ask most patients, they all show
symptoms of Fibromyalgia in one form or another. A therapeutic massage is the most
reasonable treatment for fibromyalgia. You need a properly planned massage treatment in
order to deal with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

8. Helpful for sleep-deprived individuals

Sleep deprivation because of overwork is becoming a routine. Doctors, physicians and
health practitioners all over the world are reporting a substantial increase in the number of
sleep-deprived patients. Most people tend to go for sleeping pills but these pills have their
own chemical reactions in the body which are not good in the long run. Proper 8-9 hours of sleep every night is crucial for good health. If you are having any kind of trouble sleeping through the night then a long-term massage treatment is the best solution
for you. It is way better than any kind of sleeping pill as it is a natural way of making your
body relaxed and aligned.

9. Improves your overall Physical and mental state

A monthly planned massage therapy is a great way of improving your overall physical and
mental state. Optimum physical, as well as mental state, is necessary for increasing
productivity in day to day routine.

When you are in stress your brain releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These
stress hormones promote feelings of anxiety, annoyance, and irritation in the body. Such
a mental state drastically undermines one's productivity. When you undergo a massage
therapy, your brain releases hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin. These
chemicals make you feel good and help in lifting up your spirits. With an improved and
optimized mental and physical state, there is no task that you cannot handle.

Therapeutic massage is becoming quite popular because of its long-lasting positive effects on the mind and the body. Massage is a huge field and there have been countless
researches being conducted for finding out the effectiveness of long-term massage.
Considering what we know so far, a properly planned long-term massage therapy can
considerably improve the quality of your life.


Benefits of Prenatal Massage: How Does this Benefit Baby?


Benefits of Prenatal Massage: How Does this Benefit Baby?

Benefits of Prenatal Massage: How Does this Benefit Baby?

Therapeutic Massage has been extensively used for centuries to reduce stress, anxiety and to get rid of chronic pain. There have been many new discoveries proving the effectiveness of Massage therapy for improving physical and mental health of individuals. A proper massage will help your muscles to rewind and go back to their ideal positions thus reducing muscle tension.

What is prenatal Massage?

Massage therapy is also quite helpful during the time of pregnancy. Researchers have found that it is immensely beneficial for pregnant women as well as for the health of developing baby. Pregnancy is a special time for every woman but the changes in body also accompanies different kinds of pains and aches as well as mood swings which are not good for baby’s health.

Prenatal Massage therapy is the most reasonable treatment that can help them calm down during this laborious time.       

Ideal Time for starting prenatal massage therapy:

There is no specified time for prenatal massage. Except for first few weeks (for about 3-5 weeks), you can go for prenatal massage anytime you want to during the first second or third trimester. You should consult your gynecologist first before taking any decision because your doctor obviously knows better. And if they approve it then you can go for prenatal Massage.

Ideal Body Positions for Prenatal Massage:

Appropriate body positions are extremely important during Prenatal Massage. Pregnancy is a crucial time for every woman and there are risks to the health of expectant mother as well as the baby associated with certain body movements and positions.

Following body positions are ideal for Prenatal Massage therapy as these are extensively used worldwide.

  • Pregnant women should lie on her side which would be supported by pillows or appropriate mechanism provided by the massage service provider

  • By Positioning pregnant women in semi-reclining position    

Some maternities provide specially designed cushioning systems which help expectant mother to easily lie on her side, supported by the cushions.

1.Reduces muscle tension

During pregnancy and especially in the later stages, a women’s body undergoes drastic changes which causes muscle stiffness and muscle cramping. Muscle stiffness causes tension in the body which may lead to pain in different parts of the body. Prenatal Massage is essential in this case as it releases muscle tension and cramping. Prenatal massage loosens up the muscles and improves blood circulation. Prenatal massage after regular intervals should definitely be added to prenatal care of women before pregnancy as it helps them calm down and relax.

2.Regulates Hormones

Another major cause of stress and anxiety among pregnant mothers is changing hormones during pregnancy. Hormone changes are so rapid that it becomes quite hard for women to deal with changing emotions accompanied by these hormones. This may lead to depression and mood swings. Prenatal Massage is perfect treatment for this as it helps regulate the levels of different hormones in the body. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression and releases hormones like dopamine and serotonin which are a great preventive mechanism against mood swings.

3.Improves Muscles Flexibility

During pregnancy, changing hormones help relax the ligaments and tendons of mother’s body. This helps body muscles to adjust with the growing belly. Prenatal massage enhances the effects of this process and additionally relaxes the surrounding muscles. It substantially enhances the muscle flexibility which helps during the childbirth. The overall process improves the help of soon to be born baby.

4.Elimination of wastes from the body

Different undesirable wastes may accumulate in the body during pregnancy which because of changed body orientation, remain within the body. This may cause unease to expectant mother. This is also responsible for feelings of fatigue and annoyance in the body and may drain a greater amount of energy.

Massage therapy is a great way of removing these wastes from the body. Prenatal Massage eliminates these wastes through circulatory and lymphatic systems. This helps women fight against feelings of fatigue and irritation during pregnancy and gives them a huge energy boost.   

5. Prenatal Massage Enhances Sleep

Irregular sleeping patterns are common in pregnant women. It’s quite hard for the body to focus on taking some rest because of the subconscious release of stress hormones like cortisol. This causes impatience and which in turn make it hard for expectant mother to have a proper sleep.

Prenatal Massage gives them good sleep which they require during this crucial time. It relaxes the nerves and body muscles and induces a soothing effect in the brain by releasing hormones which promote good feelings. This helps pregnant women fall asleep quickly and easily.

6.Controls Blood Pressure

Poor blood circulation because of stiffness of muscles and tissues in the body during pregnancy can cause pressure on heart. This may lead to increase in blood pressure. Blood pressure problems are common during pregnancy and it is crucial to keep blood pressure rates in check.

Prenatal Massage regulates blood circulation and muscle stiffness which releases the load from the heart. This makes blood pressure levels stable in expectant mother. Balanced blood pressure is extremely crucial during this laborious time. This can cause many complexities during actual labor.     


Migraine is a primary headache disorder in which a person goes through recurrent headaches which may vary from moderate to severe. Although headaches are common during pregnancy but reports shows that about 10% of women worldwide suffer from Migraine during pregnancy. Mild headaches are fine but if you are suffering from Migraine during pregnancy then you should do something about it at once.

Luckily, Prenatal Massage is a great way of getting rid of Migraine. This method works effectively almost every time. Prenatal Massage releases tension from different body muscles causing the mind and body to calm down.    

8.Iron Deficiency during Pregnancy  

Anaemia is quite common during pregnancy. It is just a fancy name for iron deficiency in the body. Iron deficiency is caused by the increased pressure on body during pregnancy. The body undergoes so much pressure and energy drainage during this laborious time that almost every pregnant woman may have to face this problem at one time.

Prenatal massage increases the effectives of your regular iron intake. It regulates blood circulation and ensures that there is sufficient hemoglobin in the body. Increased blood circulation produces more hemoglobin which deals with iron deficiency in the body.   

9.Relief from Sinusitis and Headaches

Sinusitis and headaches are a common symptom during pregnancy, caused by the increased blood flow to mucus membrane. Prenatal massage techniques involving stimulations of different body tissue, proper blood circulation and acupressure points reduce sinusitis and headaches and provide relief to the expectant mother. It is highly recommended for pregnant women that you go for prenatal care if you are feeling excessive headaches.

10.Reduces swelling caused by Edema

Edema or swelling of different body joints is caused by reduced blood circulation and increased pressure on the blood vessels. It also causes water retention in the tissues. Prenatal massage processes this excessive water and enhances the lymphatic drainage in body tissues. It reduces the swelling of legs and ankles which are one of the major symptoms during pregnancy.

Necessary Prenatal Massage Precautions:

Prenatal Massage is important but pregnant women should take their doctors advice before taking any Massage Therapy. Pregnancy is a crucial time for any woman and it is extremely important not to take any risks during this period. There are certain cases where you need to take special advice from your health care services provider because going for massage. It is not advisable to go for Massage in case like:

  • Severe Migraine

  • Apparently complex labor cases

  • If there was a prior miscarriage

  • Preeclampsia (Pregnancy complications because of High Blood Pressure)  

  • Hypertension

Once you have made sure that you can go for Prenatal Massage, the next step us choosing the best possible Massage services provider. You can ask your doctor, family and friends for advice. It is always better to take recommendation from people you trust because they can guide you towards what is best for you.   

Prenatal Care is Important:

From what we have seen so far, Prenatal Massage really can help pregnant women during this laborious time and there is no doubt about it. It is extremely important and no one can deny its profoundness.

If you are looking for the best Prenatal Massage services in Birmingham then we suggest you to visit Birmingham Wellness massage. Professionals at Birmingham Wellness Massage are all experienced and equipped with necessary equipment for effective prenatal Massage.  

Prenatal Massage reduces stress and anxiety and improves the overall health of a pregnant mother. Pregnant women should certainly be taken for prenatal Massage as it can help them calm down during this laborious time which they truly deserve. With that being said, you should consult your health care services provider first before agreeing to any kind of Massage therapy. One thing is for sure, Prenatal Massage has a positive impact on the physical and emotional state of expectant mother which is ultimately the most important thing.